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ANTICLIMATOLOGY – a beginner’s guide

Posted in Uncategorized by Ian MacDougall on January 30, 2020

If you seek to dump on climate science, there is no better place to learn your craft than at Quadrant Online. There are so many crafty articles there for you to use for inspiration. Below is my pick of them, in a by no means exhaustive list.

Ian MacDougall

  1. The Renewable Energy Myth — Quadrant Online

The Renewable Energy Myth

  1. Get Them Young, Make Them Green — Quadrant Online

Get Them Young, Make Them Green

  1. The Great Renewable Energy Rort — Quadrant Online

The Great Renewable Energy Rort

german green energy  — Quadrant Online

  1. Finally, Warmists Find a Real Threat — Quadrant Online…/finally-warmists-find-real-threat/

  1. Going green costs jobs — Quadrant Online

Going green costs jobs

  1. They Make It Easy Being Green — Quadrant Online

They Make It Easy Being Green

  1. Teach ’em Green, Raise ’em Stupid — Quadrant Online…/teach-em-green-raise-em-stupid/

  1. The Green Gulf Between Fact and Fancy — Quadrant Online

The Green Gulf Between Fact and Fancy

Aug 14, 2015 – The solar- and wind-power capacity to meet Labor’srenewable-energy target would cost between $80 billion and $100 billion dollars.

Tony Thomas, Opinion — Quadrant Online

  1. Inherit the Wind (and not much else)  — Quadrant Online

Inherit the Wind (and not much else)

Feb 5, 2015 – Submissions to the latter inquiry are online here. … The rationale for renewable energy is that its use reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by …

  1. Green dream jobs — Quadrant Online…/green-dream-jobs

Sep 22, 2011 – Australia’s economic advantages are not aligned with moving towards a green energy future. China’s are because, unlike us, they like nuclear,

  1. Coal, There’s Just No Alternative — Quadrant Online…/coal-theres-just-alternative

… Sep 12, 2014 – “We cannot rely on renewable energy to supply the vast quantities of electricity that are needed to bring the billions of people who are now ..


  1. With Friends Like Oxfam… — Quadrant Online

With Friends Like Oxfam…

Sep 10, 2015 – “We have arguably the best renewable energy sources in the world, in the form of large expanses of land that can feed wind, solar, geothermal ..


  1. Blinded By The Sun — Quadrant Online

Blinded By The Sun

Jul 28, 2016 – Let’s be generous and say that serious development of the two main renewable-energy technologies commenced in the 1980s. So how far …

  1. Banking on the Climate Hustle — Quadrant Online…/banking-climate-hustle

Jan 3, 2016 – It wants to shift at least USD600 billion of other people’s money into renewable energy projects. But only if governments establish ‘legal …

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