NOAH’S RAINBOW SERPENT – observations by Ian MacDougall


Photo Chris Furedy

Photo Chris Furedy

I’m a former science teacher in the Australian Captal Territory school and college system, and used to teach junior science and senior science including physics, chemistry, biology, human biology and astronomy.

Never a dull moment. Also had a licence to drive the Oddie Telescope at Mt Stromlo. The 2003 bushfire unfortunately not only destroyed that beautiful instrument, but also the whole of the rest of the observatory.

These days I am a grazier and inventor working on pumps driven by renewable energy and on educational electronic devices for children. And a musician. And a composer. And a songwriter. And a (minimalist) blogger.

My latest major work is on Australian Aboriginal history.  It has been a big job to transfer it as a 40,000 word Word document to this blog, but now its done.

Whenever I can I ski, go bushwalking, ride my mountain bike, go horseriding, go windsurfing and go travelling. I also practice a martial art.

I have travelled a lot and met a lot of interesting people. I’ve probably seen perhaps 1% of the Earth’s surface close up, and met and talked to about 5,000 of its people. That is, about 0.0001% of its total population.

My conclusion: not a bad planet, and not a bad bunch on it. Really.

Ian MacDougall

PS: I don’t do comments, but can be contacted by email, for praise, blame or copies of originals of any documents posted on this site: .

Charlie, sadly departed but fondly remembered, was our faithful west highland terrier friend. His second name was Honk. (People usually have two. Why not dogs?) I will leave it to you to guess why; but note that the vet did try to cure him.

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